Age: A Manifesto

NEWAGEDear Ageless Friends,

I am writing to you today, staring at my raised bed garden in Denver, Colorado. My garden is beginning to show signs of decay. Autumn is approaching and the plants are losing their youthful glow. Green leaves are turning brown and some plants are beginning to wilt. But alas, this is how it is supposed to be. I will not inject my tomatoes with Botox or worry that my lettuce is depressed. My plants know as I do, next year we begin again.

Today, I present to you my latest piece: Age: A Manifesto. In this free instant download, what I offer is a different way to think about age and aging. This manifesto is for the young, the old and everyone in between.

Things You Will Learn From This 20 Page Manifesto:

  • How To Cultivate A Better Relationship With Age
  • The Problem With Age
  • 12 Myths About Age
  • How To Identify Self-limiting Beliefs About Age (young and old)
  • Inspirational Stories Of The Ageless (young and old)
  • How Age Is Viewed Around The World
  • Social Media Age Experiment
  • Six Steps To A Healthy Relationship With Age

And more….

After You Read:

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FREE PDF – TO DOWNLOAD AGE: A MANIFESTO CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK: (Requires Adobe Reader) Age A Manifesto By Gabriel Schirm Read it online or better yet, print it, settle into your favorite reading spot and enjoy.Age Manifesto


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