Spain Travel Tips For Foodie Outdoor Enthusiasts

Of all the places I have traveled to, and written about, Spain feels like a dear friend. I like to consider myself, as many do, a well rounded traveler. But the truth is, above all else, I travel for nature, culture and food. I tend to skip art museums and tourist traps like the inevitable, pay an entrance fee to go high up in something, like a tower or something along those lines.

When you write a book about a popular outdoor adventure in Spain you get asked for advice about that place, which is great. Check out some of the press from the past 6 months for Sunrises to Santiago, my first book. You will enjoy these articles if you travel for meaning, for nature, for food and for adventure.

Spain is a gem and if you have yet to visit, well, new years resolutions are just around the corner. Why not Spain? Why not live there? No seriously, here is how I did it with my wife: Spain is Hiring. Safe travels!

If you do get a chance to visit Spain, here are my recommendations for foodies and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Where should you visit? These 4 stops should keep you busy for at least a month.

Granada – This is without a doubt my favorite city in the world. A beautiful city featuring The Alhambra (pictured below) and one of the last cities in Spain to offer ‘free’ tapas with every drink order. There is a verb in Spanish, tapear, which means to go out and eat tapas. This seems to be a word invented just for Granada as it is common to spend a few hours eating dinner. You order a drink, perhaps a caña, small beer or some wine and, without asking a small tapa, or small snack is delivered with your drink. You can make a meal out of several tapas and spend your time hopping from bar to bar enjoying what the kitchen surprises you with. This could be my favorite sport and Granada is THE place to do it. If you are a frequent traveler you know that each place you visit has a sort of spirit or vibe. Granada’s vibe is exceptional. A city that avoids the plastic tourism of many destinations and embraces its roots. For the outdoor adventurers, see those mountains behind the Alhambra in the picture below? Those are the Sierra Nevada Mountains which offer some amazing hikes. If you are in the area make sure you hike through Las Alpujarras which are located on the south end of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. There you can hike through white washed villages and sample local food, like delicious honey.

The Alhambra Granada, Spain
The Alhambra Granada, Spain

Cabo de Gata – Not many people make it down to this part of Spain, in the province of Almeria, but that is what I love about it. Picture miles and miles of beaches void of people. An almost lunar landscape of cactus, cliffs and sun. You will need to rent a car to get here but if you are craving a bit of adventure and to get away from the crowds, hike and camp beach side in the Cabo de Gata – Nijar Natural Park on the Mediterranean Sea under an incredible sky blanketed with stars.

Cabo de Gata
Cabo de Gata

San Sebastián – Is this the best place to eat in Spain? Maybe. Many a chef will argue that the Basque Country, north Spain, is where the culinary minded should head to eat some of the best food Spain has to offer. San Sebastián is a great little coastal city ripe for culinary exploration, and when you need to burn some calories, surf or hike the cliff top walks of the city. Lounging on the beach is also not a bad pastime.

San Sebastián photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.
San Sebastian photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Camino de Santiago (Logroño) – As a foodie, a huge surprise to me was Logroño. This city is a stop along the Camino de Santiago, in the heart of La Rioja, the famous wine region of Spain. I had never heard of it before walking the Camino de Santiago and am likely to return just for the food and more importantly the wine. Chances are you have never thought about visiting this place either and because it is not a household name, the prices for a great glass of wine are very low. For more see MUST EAT FOODS OF THE CAMINO DE SANTIAGO.

Dinner Logroño
Dinner Logroño

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