New Book – Finding Tiger: A Novel by Gabriel Schirm

For the past 2 years I have been working on a new novel, Finding Tiger. I am proud of this body of work and hope that you get something from it and at the very least enjoy a great adventure. The book is available now (paperback and Kindle) from Paz Publishing.

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Details and some of the first reviews of Finding Tiger below + BONUS Book Club Discussion Questions which are also included in the back of the book:


The life of Atlas Green has been shaped by the blurred memory of his parents’ tragic disappearance, for which he blames himself. When Atlas meets the girl of his dreams, Isabel, and loses her phone number, his stand-in father, Gramps, pushes him to take an unlikely chance on love by traveling from Colorado to Spain to find Isabel, following clues in a guidebook she left behind. As Gramps succumbs to Alzheimer’s disease back home, Atlas must decide if he should return to Colorado or continue his search for Isabel. On this inspiring quest, Atlas learns to listen to his own inner whispers of truth while struggling to find the courage to follow his path. Finding Tiger teaches us all the value of following our own curiosity to the ends of the Earth and learning to believe in the magic of life once again.


“Finding Tiger is a heartwarming novel about love, loss, and self-discovery.” -Renato Rivelli (Author of Denounced)

A deeply moving, beautifully written modern-day adventure.” -USM Times

 “A wonderful novel about having the courage to take chances and find our unique true north.” -Helen Baker

BOOK CLUB DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: I explored some major themes in this novel that touch on the human desire to find our true path. I wrote this story for those who have struggled with this issue. It could be career, love, or even looking for a passion. These are the Questions for Discussion which can be found in the  back of the book. This gives the reader an idea of the types of issues our main character explores throughout his adventure from Colorado to Spain. As a Colorado author, and someone who has lived in Spain I have used the locations as character in and of themselves.
  1. It frequently takes courage to follow your path and take seemingly “crazy” chances. What courageous choices have you made in life that at the time seemed crazy but turned out to be wise?
  2. Do you believe in magic? What is magic to you? Do you have a negative voice inside that discourages the natural or magical part of yourself? How does what you believe manifest itself in your life?
  3. Who is the bull in this story? Who or what is the matador and his red cape? Did you notice the color red and its symbolism peppered throughout the book by the author? How was the color red used and why?
  4. Atlas’s relationship to his dead parents is complex, ranging from guilt to longing. What happens to a child when his or her parents are gone? Does this last well into adulthood as it does for Atlas?
  5. Atlas keeps a “book of dreams” filled with the types of coffee he would like to feature someday in his own coffee shop. What would fill your “book of dreams”?
  6. Gramps encourages Atlas to follow his curiosity and try things that might make him nervous. What piques your curiosity?
  7. Project into the future. Does Atlas open a coffee shop? Do Atlas and Isabel get married? Where do they live?
  8. Do you feel Atlas was selfish for leaving Gramps alone to deal with Alzheimer’s disease? Would you have made the same decision?
  9. What did you think of the compass and everything it represented for Atlas?
  10. Who is the “Uncle Charlie” in your life? How does that person inform your decisions?

Order now from Paz Publishing or


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