Magic – The Art of Knowing What You Are Looking For

What are you looking for? What is magic? How do I find my own personal magic? Anyone who has ever experienced a state of “not knowing what the f#!% to do with my life” has probably pondered these questions. But how do you know what you are looking for? This could be your vocation, love, or purpose for being on the planet. Simply put, I think we are all here for a reason.

In my new novel Finding Tiger (which will be out in a few months) the main character, Atlas Green, struggles throughout the book to find his path and to rediscover the “magic” he used to have as a boy. His focus is on a girl who he briefly met then lost. He decides to go looking for her in Spain following clues from a guidebook she left behind. Crazy? Yes. But the theme throughout the book is to have the courage to follow crazy ideas.

As Pablo Picasso put it so well, art lies to the reader. This fictional tale points to a universal Truth: we all have our own personal “magic” we just have to learn to listen to the clues all around.

“We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth at least the truth that is given us to understand. The artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies.” -Pablo Picasso

In 2 years of writing this book I have been obsessing over and researching “The Art of Knowing What You Are Looking For”. Some key takeaways from the research and the soul of this fictional new character Atlas Green:

1.) Try – Open doors. Pay attention to what is interesting to you. What do you love to read about or watch? What magazines do you reach for? What do you do for fun? What do you love to think about?

2.) Faith – Be it in “God” or in “Life” have faith that that thing you are looking for needs you to find it. Have faith that it exists.

3.) Now – You already know the answer. Stop looking to the future to provide happiness. Look to right now.

4.) Enjoy The Seeking – You are on your own path. The more one can enjoy the inherent nature of life, the better the outcome. It is more important to enjoy what your are doing than to depend on the end result.

5.) Courage – Others may call you crazy. But having the courage to try is a major hurdle.

6.) Be Quiet – Filling days with constant activity and chatter will only obscure your path even more. Take time to be quiet without agenda.

For me, this week marks almost 6 months since I quit my full time job to pursue writing and have started several small businesses as well. Both pursuits have been challenging and amazing at the same time. But this would not have been possible without what I describe above.


If Finding Tiger sounds like a book you might like to read, simply follow the blog to get an alert when it is officially published. I also like to give away free copies to blog followers.:)

2 thoughts on “Magic – The Art of Knowing What You Are Looking For

  1. Awesome post, how have we not talked to you guys in forever! I need to hear about your life!! We miss you so much. Several businesses?? Discuss.


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