Reports From Readers On The Camino de Santiago

I love hearing from those of you who are walking the Camino de Santiago and wanted to pass on a recent piece of information from Bob M. who just completed his 3rd Camino. Bob kindly gave me permission to share his experience with you here. I have received other messages from people currently on the trail, mentioning how costs are on the rise. To me this indicates that rates have gone up since I walked the Camino during the summer of 2014. My cost calculations can be read here. Bob’s message also indicates an unfortunate sign of the times we live in. I don’t recall seeing any armed guards in 2014.

Message from Bob:

My wife and I just got home yesterday from completing our 3rd Camino. Once again a really good time!

I read your posting regarding deaths along the Camino in the last few years and was unaware of the many that have occurred in the recent years. During this walk we did see a number of newer memorial sites along the Frances Way, which parallel your posting.

Some of the other changes we noticed and learned of during this trip were the fact that there seemed to be fewer Peregrinos this time, costs were definitely up and the number of heavily armed security personnel at many of the larger venues and sites along the way.
When in Leon I spoke to the owner of a hostel who explained to me that he and other owners are seeing a decrease of Peregrinos this year and have attributed the decline to the rising costs of doing business, coupled with the increased terrorists activities in both France and Germany. 
It was rather surprising to me to see 4 man teams of automatic weapon toting military guards the square in front of the Cathedral in Santiago. 
patrolling the area. This also held true for the Leon, Burgos, and Astorga…..

Photo from Bob - Camino de Santiago 2016
Photo from Bob – Camino de Santiago 2016 – The Main Square Santiago de Compostela



One thought on “Reports From Readers On The Camino de Santiago

  1. oh gosh. how very sad. certainly a sign of the times. I saw lots of police in Pisa and Florence on my recent trip; army vehicles parked in the vicinity and armed soldiers always patrolling. As for the costs, yes, everything has it’s price. I guess one of the attractions of the Camino has been a cheap holiday….I’ve certainly read a lot of that on other blogs I’ve read. Perhaps those people are now moving elsewhere. Thanks for the update.

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