Don’t Let Your Goals Ruin Your Day

If you are anything like me you have a lot of ideas. Creative people tend to do this. Some of these ideas turn into goals and plans. You then take action and work towards those goals. Maybe you are changing careers, moving abroad, or creating a business.

I wanted to offer a simple reminder that no matter what, don’t let your goals ruin your day. I have been writing a novel for the past year and it has been both exciting and tedious at the same time. I am enjoying the process immensely but there are some days, that I just can’t wait for the project to be finished. Writing books is not a quick task, at least it is not for me, and I must remind myself to stay centered in the present. Remember that enjoying the path to your goal, enjoying the seeking of that thing, should be your real goal.

I try to remind myself not to forget that once I reach my goal, I will most likely have a new one. Most of our lives will be spent pursuing passions and navigating change, so why spend the whole time dissatisfied with everything, until a goal is met?


For career changers this is especially true. If you are currently in a job you do not enjoy, you may be holding on until this job ends and the next begins.

Your goal feeds your dissatisfaction.

You may say things to yourself like, “Once X happens, I will finally be able to relax and be happy!”

Enjoy the seeking of that thing you are after! A simple reminder for the week. For myself and for you.

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