If It Doesn’t Open, It’s Not Your Door

I was chatting with a good friend recently and this person has been struggling to find the right career fit for themselves. Like many creative people, they have new ideas all the time and some even have the courage to try those ideas, and see if they fit. Many times they don’t fit and a large amount of work and preparation leads to … nothing. This can be depressing and challenging to say the least. You try and try, maybe grow bored, and the idea gains no traction.

In situations like these, I would like to remind you, as I often do myself, that …

if it doesn’t open, it’s not your door.

In practice this means that it is ok to try many things. I would argue that you should try as many doors as possible, especially if you are not happy in your current situation. This could apply to jobs, relationships or circumstance. Try new things, as you would shopping for new shoes in a store, and see what fits with your unique personality and situation.

Then one day, something you love starts to gain traction. Opportunities and experiences you never thought possible start to snowball into something bigger and bigger, until it becomes your reality. THAT is YOUR DOOR. Remember the other doors didn’t open for a reason. Why? Because they were not YOUR door.

A quick reminder for our Tuesday. Happy door knocking!


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