My #1 Travel Tip That Even I Find Hard to Follow

I recently got the chance to submit my #1 travel tip for a great post over at called “40 Travel Writers Discuss Their #1 Travel Tip.” I had to think about this question for a while before answering and sending my response. It is not a destination, travel hack, freebie, or hidden restaurant in a remote location. My answer is more of a challenge, which I admit, even I have trouble following. Think about your last trip and what took up an absurd amount of time. This thing may have even stressed you out at times. You may have spent more time doing this than experiencing the actual location, monument or view. Do you know what it is? Here was my response and my #1 travel tip:

Leave your camera in the hotel room for 1 day. This is a tough one I know. The mere thought of this may already be causing you to react and experience anxiety. What if something happens and I miss it! What if I see a Zebra! What if … you have a completely different travel experience? I have had some of the most amazing days abroad when I have chosen to experience the location fully, not through the lens of my camera, but through being fully present in the moment. You will be surprised at how liberated you feel.

I recently took a moment, on a trip to Paris with my wife, to lower my camera and just take in the Eiffel Tower at night as the spectacular sparkling light show filled the air. I looked around and everyone, I mean everyone, was experiencing the show through a screen as they filmed and snapped photos. Don’t forget, memories last a lifetime too. Now if you will excuse me I have an Instagram photo to post.

Put down that camera or else!
Put down that camera or else!

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