New Book: Sunrises to Santiago Available Now

One  year ago today, almost exactly, I had just arrived in Spain to begin the Camino de Santiago. The timing seems appropriate as my first book, Sunrises to Santiago, was released today. I am proud of this body of work and hope that you get something from it and at the very least enjoy a great summer read. The book is available now (paperback and Kindle) from Paz Publishing. Order now from Paz Publishing or

Details and some of the first reviews of Sunrises to Santiago below:

Sunrises to SantiagoAfter spending his 20s traveling the world and hopping from job to job, Gabriel Schirm was lost. At 32 years old, he desperately needed to find direction and meaningful purpose in his life. With no physical training, he decided his answers were waiting for him somewhere along the historic 490-mile pilgrimage route called the Camino de Santiago in Spain. From the physical high of crossing the Pyrenees Mountains to the mind numbing rhythm of walking through the endless wheat fields of the Meseta, the route was filled with many challenges. Accompanied by his “guru” wife Amy, Schirm faces setbacks like bed bugs and tendinitis, all in the pursuit of elusive answers. The lessons came from the serendipitous experiences and conversations with fellow pilgrims from all over the world. Sunrises to Santiago chronicles a wondrous journey of personal growth, physical pain, and outdoor adventure while teaching us all to enjoy life’s incredible journey.


“I loved it.  It brought back so many great memories for me.  This is an incredible book for past, present, and aspiring pilgrims.” –Kelly Freeman (Completed the Camino de Santiago in 2013)

“This book makes it personal, and will let readers feel like they are taking the journey with you, while opening them up to what this journey could mean for them.” –David Dickerson (Currently hiking the Pacific Crest Trail)

 “Reading about this journey was a true gift. I cried a dozen times and found the whole tale very inspiring.” –Agnes Bannigan (Writer, Editor)

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